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Divine Harness for Kite Buggy, Peter Lynn

Divine Harness for Kite Buggy, Peter Lynn

Most kite harnesses are built for maximum comfort when standing or leaning back on a board, but when you sit in a buggy you can scrunch your junk and have the harness ride uncomfortably.  The Divine harness form Peter Lynn is designed expressly for sit-down comfort in the buggy.

We first saw the prototypes at NABX (North American Buggy Expo) 2008, so we know that they have been in development and testing for some time.  The world record-setting Dutch team were all riding with them and have contributed much feedback to the design.

The low-bulk diaper style seat will not take up too much room in the seat and the multiple buckles allow you to adjust for comfort.  A spreader bar pad is also included for added riding comfort and to help protect clothing and skin from abrasion.  It is available in three sizes, both by itself (no spreader bar) or with two spreader bar options.  

Team rider Bobby Muse and I put about 60 miles on Jekyll Island one recent weekend, both with our Ivanpah buggies, Divine harnesses and big Reactor II's.  Sitting in the buggy with the Divine strapped on, you don't even know you are wearing a harness until you fly.  We noticed that with the low tow point, the harness really favors race kites that sit very far ahead in the wind window.  With an all-around or entry level kite that sits farther back to the side, the side pull from the thighs will not be as comfortable, as I found when I had the brakes trimmed too tight at first on the Reactor.

These harnesses run large, so someone used to wearing a large or even extra large will likely fit into a medium Divine harness.  See measurement below.

The Bullet spreader bar is similar to the classic peter Lynn Swivel Pulley Spreader Bar that is hinged for up and down movement to follow the kite and reduce uncomfortable binding while keeping the strop running smooth as you work the kite. 

The Prodigy Spreader Bar is fully articulated in both the up and down as well as left-to-right axis and spins as well, so you can untwist the lines after a kiteloop, downturn, or upwind tack.  It also feature a plastic tab that helps keep the strop engaged in the pulley when spinning it around. NOTE: The plastic tab can make it harder to un-hook in a hurry, so this could be a safety concern for those un-prepared.

The included spreader bar pad will fit the larger standard spinning spreader bar just barely, but will favor the smaller Bullet or Prodigy (9 1/2 "/ 24 cm strap-to-strap).

These are now in stock in all sizes.  They run big...

Large: 38 - 44" waist
Medium: 34-38"  Sold Out. Not restocking. Sorry
Small: 30 - 34" (I'm 36" and can almost squeeze in)

If you are borderline on any of these these sizes, I would favor the smaller.

Manufacturer: Peter Lynn
Skill Level: Intermediate/ Expert
Price: $0.00
$130.00 Small - Harness Only
$175.00 Small - Bullet Spreader Bar
$215.00 Small - Prodigy Spreader Bar
$130.00 Large - Harness Only
$175.00 Large - Bullet Spreader Bar
$215.00 Large - Prodigy Spreader Bar

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