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Matrixx Closed Cell De-power Kite, HQ

Matrixx Closed Cell De-power Kite, HQ

The new Matrixx is turning heads wherever it goes. At the recent Jekyll Island Buggy Expo (JIBE) here in southeast Georgia, we got a chance to fly the 15m prototype and we had a blast.  I had some runs in the buggy and immediately noticed a couple of things.  First the railroad track stability.  Park the kite at a point off your shoulder and let go of the bar and it stays put with no floating towards zenith.  The second thing was the super smooth surge of power when you asked for more from the kite.  I was flying the 15 in 12 mph winds and did not feel overpowered with the amount of de-power I had at my disposal.

Later, team rider Chad Golden took the Matrixx out on the water.  Chad is known for riding aggressively and boosting big air.  When he finished his session, the first word out of his mouth was “Wow!” In a recent post on a popular on-line forum  describing  his ride that day he said “ OH yes , this unit rocks. mountain o power, SO SMOOTH. Jumps were effortless and the FLOAT!   We were in light air with no trouble staying up wind. Super light bar feel,. well behaved;. really didn’t have to think about it.

A closed cell, foil with four one-way ram-air vents in the leading edge, the kite holds its shape very well.  The “Y” line rig from the bar is similar to that of the Neo but the extra thin bridle bridle features a sophisticated 3-line “intelligent” mixer system that alters the camber of the sail as well as changing the angle of attack.  The control bar features a below-the-bar safety right above the chicken loop that has been improved over earlier Neo bars to be more resistant to fouling from sand and snow.  The power adjuster from the center cam-cleat comes all the way to the bar so that it is in easy reach at all times.

The Matrixx comes with…

  • High quality backpack
  • De-power control bar
  • Colored line set with front Y-Line
  • Multilingual de-power manual
  • Kite leash with safety release (included free only  here at CWS !)
Line SetControl Bar
Size Flat Span cm/ft Wind Range MPH
9.0 647/21.2 4-34 Y-Line 300/ 270 kg 22m 50 cm

Manufacturer: N/A
Price: $0.00
$1,349.99 9.0 meter / Red
$1,424.99 12.0 meter / Blue
$1,499.99 15.0 meter / Rasta

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